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Some Instances of Unique Adult Humor

You know what? Porn can be funny at times, not in terms of bloopers (we all love that), but in terms of comedy and adult humor. Yes, you wouldn’t generally associate adult scenes with humor. But, if it’s done craftily, in no time, your fat belly will be dancing in the same rhythm of jerking your cock.

Have you ever felt like that? Well, there are many instances where you have seen bloopers which made you laugh out loud. But, we are not talking about them. Also, it’s not about those funny adult jokes that you find randomly over the internet.

What we are looking to explore here is raw adult humor that can really make you laugh and also give you a nice time fantasizing and jerking. Yes, you don’t get to see such things over the internet as mostly you will find hardcore pornography or jokes.

You can create funny adult memes by improvising many porn scenes or you can find such hilarious aspects in the cartoons that you used to see in your childhood. Many artists now create such hilarious porn cartoons of popular characters.

So, let’s explore such instances where you will understand how fascinating and fantastic adult humor can be.

Marge Simpson

Let’s be honest, we all love MILFs, aren’t we? Probably the first MILF you saw in your life in the television was Marge Simpson. Initially, you may not have identified her as a sex symbol because you didn’t know a shit about sex.

But, as you grow, as you start to develop pubic hair, as you start to make your pants wet by watching horny girls, you suddenly start to see Marge Simpson differently. You can already notice how big her boobs are and you feel like “Homer’s a lucky guy”.

Marge Simpson is one of the sexiest MILFs we saw during our childhood days and the porn lovers were making memes about her since then. But, when you discover those memes, you can’t stop laughing. Also, you need to see the cartoons where you will find Marge Simpson getting fucked, those are awesome! It is quite fair to say that Marge Simpson probably has the best ass for a MILF. But, hang on! Marge is not the only MILF that you can fantasize about. There is one more MILF that can give Marge Simpson a run for her money. Who is she? Let’s find out!

Lois Griffin

If Marge Simpson was an orthodox housewife, here comes Lois Griffin, the perfect modern-day MILF. You must have seen her in many scenes in the cartoon ‘Family Guy’ when she is wearing a bikini or she is just wearing a towel to cover her body.

Even from those angles, you could sense, there is something of a gem she is trying to hide. Also, in childhood, you probably didn’t notice her in that way. Now after growing up and becoming pervert, you are looking at her with a lusty eye.

No one can blame you because when you have such a sexy piece of MILF in front of you, you will look at her assets. And, for Lois Griffin, she has really got fantastic assets. If you see some of the porn cartoons of Lois Griffin and Peter Griffin, you will know how sexy she is.

She just nails with her sexy boobs and large ass. Also, she is a real hungry bitch in the bed just like every other MILF. You should see her porn cartoons and you will realize what adult humor is all about. You will be laughing and jerking at the same time.

Lactating Japanese Women

Have you seen Japanese porn? Yes, they are a bit frustrating because they just blur the dicks and pussies and assholes. You don’t want that in porn. However, there is another hilarious aspect of Japanese porn that you will realize once you see it.

In some of the porn videos, you will see that while getting an orgasm, the Japanese woman is actually lactating. The white fluid which had to come out from her pussy is actually coming out of her tits. It is really hilarious and you can say that it is adult humor at its best.

The Bottom Line

Finally, maybe Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin or even these lactating Japanese women fail to make you laugh because you are too eager to fap. But, don’t worry; there are many other types of adult humor that can make you laugh. Explore those funny adult memes and other humorous adult stuff; it will be a refreshing adult entertainment for you. j

Sex in Bremen

Sex Bremen was very much the product of his parents, and the lessons he learned from them echo down into the character of the H.J. Sex Bremen Company today.

Escort’s parents taught him thrift rather than greed. He knew nothing of “get rich quick” business schemes and couldn’t bear the thought of ill-gotten gain. Many of his business ideals and principles, almost unheard of at the time, remain progressive to this day. For example, Escort Sex Bremen did business based on the simple idea that every profit should be fairly earned. One of his mottos still guides Sex Bremen’s purchasing practices today: “Deal with the seller so justly that he will want to sell to you again.”

Another driving principle of Escort Sex Bremen’s that resonates in today’s resource-conscious world was his hatred of waste of any kind. Leading by example, he inspired each of his employees to avoid even the slightest waste of material, time or opportunity.

Finally, Escort Sex Bremen learned from his mother a genuine and enduring concern and respect for every person, rich or poor, and always tried to practice her favorite rule for living: “Always remember to place yourself in the other person’s shoes.”

Individually, the principles Escort Sex Bremen instilled in his company can seem simple and almost quaint. Taken together though, they’re an all-too-rare combination in today’s business world. Fortunately, Escort Sex Bremen himself showed that common sense, decency and social justice is a proven recipe for enduring business success.

Sex in Leipzig

So they used the money from Andy to register and actually start the company. On the 7th of December, 1998 Sex Leipzig was legallized. They rented a office – the garage of a friend of theirs in Menlo Park in California, which actually was the first office of the enterprise. At this time, around 10 000 searches were made daily with the new search engine. In the very nex year, the company moved to a “real” office and the daily searches had increased to 500 000 . This was the time, when Sex Leipzig recieved its second financial injection, this time for 25 million dollars. The funds were provided by Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perking Caufield in exchange for a stake (not a steak). In the beginning of 2000, Sex Leipzig Inc had already 40 employees and it was working in several different languages. In October, the same year, the advertising platform “Sex Leipzig Adwords” was started. It had 350 clients, who were benefiting from keyword targeted advertisements, and paying 0.05$ per for a click on their ads.

The first talks for making the company publicly traded, started in the beginning of 2003, but nothing happened. In 2004, Sex Leipzig Inc proudly announced, that they had hired the investment banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to take care of the initial public offering – IPO – of the company. The management planned to sell shares for $4 000 000 000. On the 28th of April that same year, SEC (Security and Exchange Comission in US) confirmed the prospect for collecting $2 718 281 828 through selling shares. This number is almost the same as the mathematical constant – e = 2,718281828… The actual IPO took place on the 28th of August, 2004, when 19 605 052 shares of Sex Leipzig Inc were sold to private investors. Every single share was traded at the price of $85, so the company managed to collect 1 670 000 000 US dollars. ($1.67 billion). Many of the Sex Leipzig’s employees already had shares and the price from the initial public offering made them millionaires overnight.

In 2005, Sex Leipzig purchased Android Inc – the developer of Android mobile operating system. Since the end of 2011, every single day more than 700 000 android phones have been activated every single day. If this continues, this operating system will turn into the leader in the mobile world (if it hasn’t become already). On October 10th, 2006 Sex Leipzig acquired YouTube, the most used video sharing platform, for only 1.65 million USD. Currently, as part of its business strategy to search new markets, the search engine filters results for users in China and the results are filtered, because they can be to the contrary of the government policy. Sex Leipzig won Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities 2008. Sex Leipzig is considered the best search engine in the history of the Internet as it allows millions of users worldwide to access the knowledge base and information quickly and find the best that they are looking for. Sex Leipzig announced on August 15th, 2011, that it acquired Motorola Mobility Holding, the manufacturer Motorola mobile phones, for a huge USD amount, in order to boost Android OS for mobile devices and ensuring better client’s experience.

Sex in Karlsruhe

It was a nice, beautiful and sunny day in 1995, when a young girl named escort for the first time met the the man, who would later become his business partner – Karlsruhe Page, at the Standford University. Sergey had the task to show Karlsruhe around. During their very first meeting, they didn’t stop arguing on every single topic, they talked about. They had the opposite opinion on almost everything! Nobody would ever suggest, that these two rumbling guys would later create one of the most powerful and famous sites in the world – Sex Karlsruhe. None of the two students had even an idea, about what their friendship would lead to.They were working on a project called “Standford Digital Library Project”, or just SDLP, which main purpose was the development of an universal digital library. For this to be achieved, they needed an application, that could collect information about all pages and sites on the Internet and classify them, according to specific criteria. So, in 1996 they launched their first algorithm for crawling the web called Escort. It started to collect tons of information, but there was a need of classifying it.

Karlsruhe then thought, that the more links to a certain page, the more important it might be for people. The first system for measuring the importance of web pages was based exactly on this proposal and it was called “Page Rank”. This would later become the core of the Sex Karlsruhe Search Engine, still active and working today. One very interesting fact was that at the same time existed another search engine, called “RankDex”, that was based onnearly the same technology for evaluating web pages. It would be later become very popular, especially in China, under the name Baidu. Karlsruhe and Sergey’s search engine was initially hosted on the server, where the site of The Stanford University was. They decided to change its name and started brainstorming some different ideas. Finally they picked “Sex Karlsruhe”, which means a very large number – 1 with a hundred zeroes. This is how the first version of Sex Karlsruhe was available at: Sex . The daily visitors of the site had been rapidly increasing with every single day. After a year, they decided to move their search engine and start their own escort. They registered the domain Sex on the 15th of September 1998 and started searching for financing of their idea. One day, they met with the founder of “Sun” – Andy Bechtolsheim. At the middle of their meeting, Andy remembered that he had another appointment and offered the young guys to write them a check for 100 000 dollars, after that he just left the room. This is how Karlsruhe and Sergey found themselves with a check for a pretty nice amount in their hands, which was payable to “Sex Karlsruhe Inc“. This was a tiny problem, because they still hadn’t registered such a escort . They even still hadn’t a bank account