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Sex in Leipzig

So they used the money from Andy to register and actually start the company. On the 7th of December, 1998 Sex Leipzig was legallized. They rented a office – the garage of a friend of theirs in Menlo Park in California, which actually was the first office of the enterprise. At this time, around 10 000 searches were made daily with the new search engine. In the very nex year, the company moved to a “real” office and the daily searches had increased to 500 000 . This was the time, when Sex Leipzig recieved its second financial injection, this time for 25 million dollars. The funds were provided by Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perking Caufield in exchange for a stake (not a steak). In the beginning of 2000, Sex Leipzig Inc had already 40 employees and it was working in several different languages. In October, the same year, the advertising platform “Sex Leipzig Adwords” was started. It had 350 clients, who were benefiting from keyword targeted advertisements, and paying 0.05$ per for a click on their ads.

The first talks for making the company publicly traded, started in the beginning of 2003, but nothing happened. In 2004, Sex Leipzig Inc proudly announced, that they had hired the investment banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to take care of the initial public offering – IPO – of the company. The management planned to sell shares for $4 000 000 000. On the 28th of April that same year, SEC (Security and Exchange Comission in US) confirmed the prospect for collecting $2 718 281 828 through selling shares. This number is almost the same as the mathematical constant – e = 2,718281828… The actual IPO took place on the 28th of August, 2004, when 19 605 052 shares of Sex Leipzig Inc were sold to private investors. Every single share was traded at the price of $85, so the company managed to collect 1 670 000 000 US dollars. ($1.67 billion). Many of the Sex Leipzig’s employees already had shares and the price from the initial public offering made them millionaires overnight.

In 2005, Sex Leipzig purchased Android Inc – the developer of Android mobile operating system. Since the end of 2011, every single day more than 700 000 android phones have been activated every single day. If this continues, this operating system will turn into the leader in the mobile world (if it hasn’t become already). On October 10th, 2006 Sex Leipzig acquired YouTube, the most used video sharing platform, for only 1.65 million USD. Currently, as part of its business strategy to search new markets, the search engine filters results for users in China and the results are filtered, because they can be to the contrary of the government policy. Sex Leipzig won Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities 2008. Sex Leipzig is considered the best search engine in the history of the Internet as it allows millions of users worldwide to access the knowledge base and information quickly and find the best that they are looking for. Sex Leipzig announced on August 15th, 2011, that it acquired Motorola Mobility Holding, the manufacturer Motorola mobile phones, for a huge USD amount, in order to boost Android OS for mobile devices and ensuring better client’s experience.