Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year

Hi, we at The Difference Engine would like to wish you a Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.

As an early present to get you into the festive spirit, we’ve put together The Difference Engine (1829) game, which might help to make you look busy in the last few days before the holidays – and ease any lingering hangovers!

The flash game is based on George Stephenson’s Rocket, a landmark product of Geordieland (i.e. part of the North East of England). As Wikipedia states, the Rocketwasn’t the first steam locomotive, but in a competitive environment it subsequently acted as a template for steam locos henceforth – and some in UK (and Eurostar) might argue that it hasn’t progressed a great deal since!

Thank you for all your interest and support in 2009 and we are looking forward to helping entrepreneurs realise their aspirations in 2010.

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